Community Care

  • Blood Donation - Share our Blood and Passion to Someone in Need

    DATE  5 Jul, 2023
    The inventory of Taiwan blood bank is never truely full to those in urgent need of blood, employees of ANPEC donate not only their blood but also their passion to the ideal of saving lifes. As the result total 106 bags of blood are donated.
  • ANPEC Caring for the Disabled - Spread Love in Spring

    DATE   12 Apr, 2023
    Based on the spirit of caring for the underprivileged and giving back to society ANPEC purchase 289 boxes of cookies from Children Are Us Foundation, with total cost of NT$77980.   
  • Hold the Hand of the Child and Let Love Sprout

    DATE   28 Sep, 2022
    The vegetative care is a long road, and it is bitterness with sweat and tears behind every vegetative family; the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation is the only foundation in Taiwan that specializes in taking care of the vegetative people who need help. It has nursed more than 2,000 vegetative people and more than 10,000 vegetative and disabled bedridden elderly to relief the burden of more than 13,000 families. ANPEC has been paying attention to this issue. By donating NT$50,000 for this event, it hopes the warmth and help can be continuously provided. 
  • We Plant the Mustard Seed

    DATE  28 Sep, 2022
    The Mustard Seed Mission is the first social welfare organization registered in Taiwan which has served for more than 65 years. The organization promote to connect local needs and resources and provides services such as child adoption from disadvantaged families, youth employment training, and food banks to vulnerable families, children, women, and the elderly as an immediate and nearby welfare network. ANPEC provides support and assistance by donating NT$50,000, hoping that the society can flourish together.    
  • Gather Food and Support to move Towards Happiness

    DATE   28 Sep, 2022
    Many disadvantaged families in the community are worried about livelihood every day, and the children in disadvantaged families are unable to get enough food and clothing because of their poverty. ANPEC has taken practical actions to give care and help to disadvantaged families and participated in the Andrew Food Bank resource donation program, donating NT$50,000, hoping to share this love and let the children in disadvantaged families feel happiness and warmth.        
  • Children are Us,
    We move Forward

    DATE   28 Sep, 2022
    ANPEC participated in the "CAREUS Work Training Fund-raising Project" with a donation amount of NT$50,000. ANPEC hopes to contribute a small amount of strength to give great support, help the children to have a breakthrough, prove themselves in practice again and again, and enjoy a better future with joy and hope! 
  • ANPEC Blood Donation - Spread Love During the Epidemic

    DATE  10 May, 2022
    With the COVID-19 epidemic, people's willingness to go out to donate blood has been reduced, resulting in the urgent low inventory of blood banks in Taiwan. As the domestic epidemic is getting controlled. ANPEC calls on employees to roll up their sleeves and donate blood and a total of 108 bags of blood were donated.   
  • Study with Peace of Mind and Deliver Love Together

    DATE   06 May, 2022
    In response to the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Alumni Association's "Joining Hands to Deliver Love Scholarship" program, charitable donations are made in the 2022 NTUST Charity Golf Tournament. The program provides outstanding aboriginal students under poverty line 9 months of scholarships each year from freshman to senior year, so that students can study with peace of mind, while it also encourages work-study during summer and winter breaks for students to be more independent. ANPEC hopes that by participating, the community will join hands to deliver love and participate in charitable events. ANPEC will do its best to cultivate outstanding talents.      
  • Compound the Love –
    All of Us

    DATE   21 Apr, 2021
    ANPEC encourages employees to donate receipts to participate where a total of 4,277 receipts were donated to the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, and at the same time, employees purchased NT$62,693 worth of CAREUS snack boxes from the Children Are Us Foundation.
  • Mid-Autumn Festival - Reunion Month Date

    DATE  23 Sep, 2020
    In response to the Mid-Autumn Festival Reunion and Love Event, ANPEC purchased NT$118,148 worth of Mid-Autumn Mooncake gift boxes from the Children Are Us Foundation.   
  • ANPEC Love -
    Love Donation

    DATE   19 Nov, 2019
    ANPEC held a charity donation to the Hondao Senior Citizen's Welfare Foundation, with 63 participants and a total donation of NT$81,000. 
  • ANPEC -
    Month of Filial Piety

    DATE   21 May, 2019
    Purchased gifts where charity groups are given priority, and 285 cakes were purchased from the "Bear House" bakery, with a total cost of NT$99,750.                                                             
  • ANPEC Love -
    Receipt Donation

    DATE   21 Mar, 2019
    Held the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation charity event to donate receipt, and a total of 2,514 receipts were collected.    
  • ANPEC Love - Donation

    DATE   25 Jul, 2019
    Held a charity donation to Child Welfare League Foundation -Vulnerable Children's Relief Fund with 107 participants and a total donation of NT$148,600.  
  • Donate blood - Deliver love

    DATE   21 Dec, 2018
    According to the statistics of the Taiwan Blood Service Foundation in November 2018, the inventory of all types of blood in Taiwan is relatively low. ANPEC takes the initiative to promote "A Gift that Saves Lives" for the community, and invites employees to roll up their sleeves and participate and donate together.                                                 
  • Charity Resource Collection

    DATE   21 Dec, 2018
    ANPEC and its subsidiary Sinopower Semiconductor Inc. jointly held the "Love Resource Collection" and invited employees to collect second-hand clothing, stationery, books, daily necessities, 3C supplies and donations, and donate to "Yu An Retarded Children's Home Miaoli". Everyone participated in the charitable event, shared hope and love.


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