Working Environment and Safety

In 2022, the number of employees' occupational accidents was 0. The Company continues to pay attention to the safety of the work environment and the health of employees with regular relevant education and trainings.

TOSHMS Promotion
  • The Company has established a TOSHMS promotion team to ensure the occupational safety of the Company’s operation and health management system can be effectively maintained and to regularly review and improve the system operation and the achievement of goals. The TOSHMS promotion team is required to hold a management review meeting every year, and an occupational safety and health committee meeting every three months to review, coordinate and recommend safety and health-related matters where the meeting records will be kept for three years for future reference.
  • There is a labor safety supervisor responsible for the implementation and improvement of labor safety and health plans.
  • There is a fire prevent manager to regularly conduct fire safety equipment inspection and public safety inspection for the building every year.
Access Control
  • There is an access control card system and a day and night security company to manage the company's entry, exit and personnel safety.
  • There is a camera monitoring system for the safety of personnel entering and leaving the Company.
Equipment Maintenance Inspection
  • Commission professional companies to conduct public safety inspections every two years.
  • According to the provisions of the Fire Services Act, commission contractors for the inspection and maintenance of fire equipment and reporting of the declaration of inspection results every year.
  • Maintenance and inspection of high- and low-voltage electrical equipment, lifts, water dispensers, official vehicles and fire-fighting equipment are carried out monthly, semi-annually, and annually.
  • Regular implementation of air, water quality, noise, lighting and other work environment testing.
Disaster Prevention and Response
  • Formulate "Emergency Response Procedures", "Labor Safety and Health Work Rules", "Measures for Emergency Response to Power Outage" and "Measures for Emergency Response to Water Outage" to stipulate the relevant matters that personnel at all levels should pay attention to.
  • Conduct regular annual fire safety education and training.
  • Establish labor safety and health supervisors, labor safety and health management personnel and first aid personnel in accordance to the Occupational Safety and Health Act and conduct training in accordance with labor safety education and training regulations.
  • Establish fire management personnel to regularly participate in fire-fighting recurrent training in accordance with the provisions of the Fire Services Act.
Work Environment Sanitation
  • Prohibit smoking and conduct regular cleaning and disinfection of the office environment.
  • Implement waste classification and promote employees' awareness in recycling.


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