Water Resources and Waste Management

  • Water Resources Management  
  1. ANPEC is an IC design company and has little water demand. Most of the water is used as domestic water and water for some factory equipment such as kitchens, cooling water towers, etc. There is only domestic sewage in the factory area, so the risk of water shortage and water pollution is extremely low.
  2. Set up a recycling and reuse system for horticultural watering in the factory area.
  3. Install the water-saving faucet and adjust the water output according to the water storage level; install the mechanical automatic opening and closing faucet to reduce the pump usage.
  4. Regularly monitor water quality and water use and strengthen employees' engagement in water conservation to achieve water resources protection.
  • Waste Management
  1. ANPEC is an IC design company. All wastes are domestic waste without hazardous waste. According to the Procedures for Waste Disposal and Management, ANPEC works with a qualified contractor where the waste is disposed in the factory when stored to a certain amount.
  2. ANPEC promotes waste reduction and resource recycling, strictly implements waste classification, and has designated personnel for management and auditing. In the future, we will continue to promote employees' environmental awareness such as bringing non-disposable tableware to reduce the use of disposable items.
  3. ANPEC promotes the recycling and reuse of suppliers' packaging materials, which are uniformly handed over to qualified manufacturers for recycling. Waste batteries, toner cartridges, CDs, scraps, packaging materials, pallets, etc. are all arranged with specific recycling mechanisms.
  • Inventory and Verification of Water Consumption and Waste
The estimated water consumption and total waste amount and the self-inventory numbers for ANPEC in 2022 are as follows :
(metric tons)
(metric tons/person)
(metric tons)
(metric tons/person)
2022 Our Company 6,862 23.91 2.77 0.0097
2021 Our Company 6,932 24.49 0.44 0.0016
(Note : The above inventory results have not been verified by external agencies.)
According to the inventory results, the water consumption of the Company in 2022 was 1% lower than that in 2021; In 2022, the Company cleaned up its inventory waste, so the total amount of waste produced increased by 2.33 metric tons, compared to 0.44 metric tons of waste in 2021.
  • Water Consumption and Waste Reduction Targets

Based on the annual self-inventory result of water consumption and total waste, ANPEC will adjust water saving and waste reduction strategies, and encourages employees to start with day-to-day activities. It is expected that in 2022, both water consumption and total waste will be reduced by 1%.


Please continue to support our efforts towards sustainable operation.



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