Greenhouse Gas Management

  • Inventory and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Management  
ANPEC is in the IC design industry without production lines. The main sources of greenhouse gas emissions are indoor air conditioners and office lighting, which are all indirect Scope 2 emissions from electricity, and there are no direct Scope 1 emissions or other indirect Scope 3 emissions.

The self-inspected total amount of carbon emissions from electricity generated by ANPEC in 2022 and 2021 are as follows :
TOTAL EMISSIONS (ton CO2e) INTENSITY (ton CO2e/person)
2022 Parent Company  1,242.11 4.33
2021 Parent Company  1,237,62 4.37
(Note : The above inventory results have not been verified by external agencies.)
From the inventory result, ANPEC’s carbon emissions in 2022 were reduced by 1% compared to 2021.

  • Greenhouse Gas Management Strategies

ANPEC’s main greenhouse gas emissions are the indirect emissions generated by electricity. To achieve the reduction target, in addition to monitoring the water and electricity consumption, we will continue to review and improve, gradually reduce the consumption, and improve the efficiency of hardware and facilities. At the same time, ANPEC will carry out internal promotion to raise the awareness of energy conservation and sustainable business development.

The relevant specific management strategies are listed as follows :
  1. Implement the company's ISO14001 environmental target management plan to save electricity by 1% or keep the consumption at the same level.
  2. Conduct monthly review and improvement, promote, and propose energy-saving and carbon-reduction projects.
  3. Comply with environmental laws and regulations and attach importance to environmental management. Regularly announce to promote policies such as energy conservation, carbon reduction, and water conservation.
  4. Promote paperless and reduce paper usage.
  5. Implement green environmental protection via regularly replacing old equipment and selecting equipment with energy labels to improve energy efficiency.
  6. The temperature of the indoor air conditioner is maintained at 25 degrees with control on the on/off time.
  7. Continue to replace the old T5 lamps and replace them with high-efficiency LED lamps; turn off part of the lighting at night to save energy.
  8. The AC return air filter is replaced with a high-efficiency filter, which increases the ventilation efficiency, improves the heat exchange capacity, and reduces the number of restarts of the AC compressor.
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Target

ANPEC adjusts its energy-saving and carbon-reduction strategies according to the results of the annual self-inspection of greenhouse gases and encourages employees to implement energy-saving and carbon-reduction in their daily lives. It is estimated that the greenhouse gas emissions in 2023 will be reduced by 1%.

  • Budget and Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction
To work with the government to achieve net zero carbon emissions in 2050, ANPEC complies with the government's regulated greenhouse gas inventory and verification schedule for listed companies and adopts the government's carbon reduction plan to promote related greenhouse gas inventory and carbon reduction plans and achieve sustainable development.

  • The Carbon Reduction Effect from Products or Services to Customers or Consumers

IC design is the core business of ANPEC Electronics, and it is at the forefront of the product chain. In addition to ISO9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certification, ANPEC partners such as wafer manufacturing, packaging, and testing factories are required to ensure that all production materials and materials and substances are in line with Japan's Sony Management Regulations for the Environment-Related Substances to be Controlled Which are Included in Parts And Materials (SONY SS-00259), EU RoHS/HF/REACH and other international environmental protection directives and customer green product hazardous substance requirements which are divided into multiple stages for controlling and monitoring. ANPEC adopted the principle of utilizing local procurement for the R&D and production of green products to reduce the carbon footprint and the loss of various energy sources. We also provide customers products without harmful substances to reduce the impact on the environment.


Please continue to support our efforts towards sustainable operation.



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