Climate Change Management

  • Risks of Climate Change-Related Regulations
ANPEC is an IC design company without a production line. Thus, the Company is not classified under the EPA Article 21, Paragraph 1 of the Air Pollution Control Act for the first and second batches of companies which shall declare "Stationary Pollution of Public and Private Places to Report Greenhouse Gas Emissions". There is no risk of violating laws and regulations. ANPEC will continue to follow and comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations, take appropriate measures and preparations to protect the environment, and strive to achieve the goal of environmental sustainability when implementing operational activities and internal management.
  • Substantial Risks of Climate Change

For global climate change, the extreme climate caused by the global warming and the greenhouse effect will lead to an increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters. The power outage and water outage caused by the disaster will indirectly lead to the suspension of businesses. ANPEC is an IC design company without a production line, and it only needs indoor air conditioning, office lighting and domestic water, so a power or water shortage will not cause a big impact on the company. ANPEC will continue to monitor the impact of climate change, strengthen the supply chain management, review, improve, and ensure that when disasters or impact occur, the supply of raw materials will not be interrupted. We strive to maintain the highest operating goals.
  • Business Opportunities with Climate Change

In recent years, in response to climate change, governments and related industries have focused on environmental protection. ANPEC's products are based on power management technology, and we will continue to develop next-generation technology in R&D and design, provide more energy-saving, low-power, high-efficiency green products, increase product adoption, and work with customers to build a low carbon emissions environment.


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