Ethical Corporate Management


  • ANPEC engages in business activities based on the principles of fairness, honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency. To implement the ethical corporate management and prevent dishonest behavior, it follows the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles for TWSE/GTSM Listed Companies" where the "Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct" and "Code of Ethical Conduct" are stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations of the places where the Company, the Group, and organizations operate.
  • The administrative support department and the financial accounting department are responsible for the promotion of corporate integrity management.
  • If the Board of Directors have an personal interest in themselves or the legal person they represent in the resolutions, explanation of the important contents of their interest shall be given at the meeting. If it is harmful to the interests of the Company, they shall not participate in the discussion and voting or exercise their voting rights on behalf of other directors and they shall abstain from the discussion and voting.
  • The Company's official website provides a complaint mailbox for ethical violations (, through which both internal and external parties can report unlawful conducts or ethical violations which will be handled in an appropriate and confidential manner. Those who have violated the ethical conduct after investigation will be dealt with in accordance with relevant laws or employee reward and penalty measures.
  • ANPEC has established "Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information", which prohibits the company's insiders and information recipients from using unpublished information to trade securities and serves as the basis for the company's material information processing and disclosure mechanism. ANPEC will also review these measures from time to time to comply with the current regulations and management needs. Relevant measures can be found on the Company's website.
  • Before taking office, the Company will educate and promote the prevention of insider trading management for new directors and managers which includes the scope and object of the prohibition on insider trading, the scope and disclosure methods of information that has a significant impact on stock prices, and penalties with relevant regulations.
  • ANPEC educates internal personnel, supervisors, and employees in specific positions on the relevant laws and regulations on "Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information" at least once a year to implement the prevention of insider trading.
  • The Company conducts courses on issues related to integrity and professional ethics every year.

Ethical Corporate Management Status

  • In 2022, the 9th meeting of the 9th Board of Directors has revised and passed the "Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information" to strengthen corporate governance. It is stipulated that the internal personnel of the Company shall not trade it’s stock during the closed periods of 30 days before the announcement of the annual financial report and 15 days before the announcement of the quarterly financial report; the securities agent shall notify the directors and other internal personnel 15 or 30 days before the announcement of the financial report, four times in the fiscal year 2023. Additionally, for employees, all new hires in the fiscal year 2023 underwent comprehensive training related to ethical conduct. In June of the same year, ANPEC held internal education and training sessions for existing employees on issues related to ethical corporate management, business ethics, and prevention of insider trading where 283 participants (total 566 hours) accounting for 100% of the total number of employees attended.
  • In 2023, the Company's complaint mailbox for ethical violation received 0 reports.
  • In 2023, the employees of the Company did not violate the ethical corporate management.
  • In 2023, the directors had withdrawn from discussing and voting on the resolutions with personal interest, and there was no circumstance that they exercised their voting rights on behalf of other directors.
  • The date of the latest annual report to the board of directors is November 10, 2023.


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