ANPEC firmly believes that employees are the most important asset and the core of the company's sustainable operation. We aim to create a safe and comfortable working environment, protect the physical and mental health of employees, provide professional and diversified talent training and development courses and institutionalized performance evaluation, assist employees to grow. ANPEC hopes to become a happy enterprise recognized by its employee with our corporate commitment and environment to best suit the needs of the employees.
Insurance and Medical
  • Provide labor insurance, national health insurance and group insurance.
  • New employee physical examination.
  • On-the-job employees are regularly scheduled for health checks with better health check package than those stipulated by laws and regulations with certain age and items.
Excellent Reward
  • On top of the year-end bonus, additional annual bonuses, incentive bonuses and dividend subscriptions will be issued based on the operation performance.
  • Awarded trophies for senior employees (five and ten years) to encourage long-term service.
  • Encourage employees to take appropriate vacations, and maintain the seven-day national holiday under the previous Labor Standards Act.
Happy Workplace
  • Provide staff restaurant and coffee bar with Chinese/Western meals, beverages, juices and coffee, etc. Provide lunch subsidy discounts and free dinners when there is a need for overtime to ensure the health of the employees.
  • Sports and leisure space: provide gym, badminton court, snooker room, basketball court and aerobics classroom, etc. for employees to have sufficient space for exercise.
  • Establish a comfortable and private dedicated nursing room to provide mothers a breastfeeding space.
  • Provide gender-neutral restrooms to create a friendly, convenient, secure, private, and equitable environment for anyone of any gender to comfortably and without obstacles use.
  • Set up designated parking spaces for pregnant employees and those needing assistance, in addition to alleviating the search for parking, these spots will be located near the elevators to reduce walking distance for colleagues.
  • Hold regular domestic and foreign tourism activities.
  • Various clubs and subsidies, such as badminton, billiards, basketball, aerobics, yoga, boxing, outdoor clubs, etc.
  • Authorized stores (including food, clothing, hotel, transportation and entertainment) for employees’ convenience.
Satisfaction Survey
  • Regularly conduct employee satisfaction surveys: ensure the growth of the ANPEC's operation and management with items such as job satisfaction, salary and benefits, employee development, communication and teamwork, direct supervisor leadership and management, and company management policies and goals.
Employee Welfare Committee
  • Organize diversified activities, such as birthday dinners, hiking activities, movie nights, charitable events, parent-child activities, seminars, year-end celebrations, family days and various festival celebrations.


Please continue to support our efforts towards sustainable operation.



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