ANPEC firmly believes that employees are the most important asset and the core of the company's sustainable operation. We aim to create a safe and comfortable working environment, protect the physical and mental health of employees, provide professional and diversified talent training and development courses and institutionalized performance evaluation, assist employees to grow. ANPEC hopes to become a happy enterprise recognized by its employee with our corporate commitment and environment to best suit the needs of the employees.
According to the job category and employee development, ANPEC provides abundant on-the-job training and multiple learning channels, and has established a systematic training structure of various trainings such as supervisor ability, professional functions, general knowledge, English and newcomer orientation to help employees deepen their professional fields and fully demonstrate their management skills to achieve a win-win situation for employee development and company growth.
  • Annual Plan

At the end of each year, the Company will prepare an annual training plan, take the Company's core values as the theme to analyze the training process, and aim to establish a positive working atmosphere, improve management skills and employees' professional skills, and then improve the Company's overall competitiveness.

  • Teaching Method

Every year, the Company will assign employees to participate in professional skills training at home and abroad to immediately absorb the latest research and development technology and knowledge, in order to improve the Company's research and development capabilities. For management ability training, the Company hires external lecturers to come to the Company for teaching to enhance employee skills and effectively improve the competitiveness of the Company and its employees.

  • Training Structure

According to the job category and employee development, a systematic training structure is established. The training categories are divided into the following.
  1. Business Management Training
  2. Professional Training
  3. Training For Specific Professional Personnel
  4. Labor Safety and Health Training
  5. Environmental Quality Training
  6. New Employee Training
  7. Others
  • Course Evaluation
In order to effectively use the training resources, after the completion of the training, different methods of post-class evaluation must be carried out according to the requirements of the supervisor and the course to confirm the course effect and knowledge acquired, and effectively carry out knowledge management.
In 2022, the Company conducted a total of 87 training classes, which saw the participation of 819 people over 2,932 training hours in total.
1. Business Management Training 3 294 584
2. Professional Training 42 81 937.5
3. Training For Specific Professional Personnel 9 10 68
4. Labor Safety and Health Training 3 350 1,113
5. Environmental Quality Training 8 59 104.5
6. New Employee Training 21 23 92
7. Others 1 2 24
Total 87 819 2,923



Please continue to support our efforts towards sustainable operation.



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