Major Resolutions of Board Meetings in 2024

2024.02.26 The 4th meeting of the 10th Board of Directors Discussion Items :
(1) Proposal for the distribution of directors’ remuneration and employees’ compensation for 2023.
(2) Proposal for the 2023 business report and financial statements.
(3) Proposal for distribution of 2023 Profits.
(4) Proposal for the Assessment of the effectiveness of internal control and the Statement of internal control system.
(5) Proposal for the CPA independence and suitability assessment for 2024.
(6) Proposal for the appointment and compensation of the auditor for 2024.
(7) Proposals made by the Remuneration committee.
(8) Proposal for Issuance of employee restricted stock awards.
(9) Proposal for the change and appointment of the corporate governance.
(10) Proposal for the election of one additional director.
(11) Proposal for Convening the 2024 General Shareholders’ Meeting.
2024.05.10 The 5th meeting of the 10th Board of Directors Discussion Items :
(1) Proposal for the 2024Q1 financial report.
(2) Proposal suggested by the Remuneration Committee.
(3) Proposal for the nomination of director.
(4) Proposal to update the convening matters for the 2024 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting.


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