Social Engagement

As a corporate citizen, ANPEC Electronics contributes to the society while pursuing the growth of the company with the concept of “take from the community and give back to the community”.
Through donations, receipt donations, blood donations and resource collection, we respond to the importance of climate change to the environment and incorporate environmental sustainability issues into our social participation actions. We can work together to protect the precious living environment.

Expectations and Prospects

ANPEC always believes that the enterprise achievement is supported from the society.
In recent years, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, it has impacted all walks of life, also affected nonprofit fundraising and the power of fundraising.
ANPEC has joined hands with all colleagues to give back to the society with practical actions to support vulnerable groups in the fight against the epidemic and promote this good action to more social vulnerable groups, let these social vulnerable groups feel the endless love and warmth.
Even in the future, ANPEC will continue taking “caring for the environment and ecology”, “caring for the vulnerable”, “helping students in remote area”, “becoming a long-term partner of social welfare organizations” as our target.
“Become the energy of the positive cycle of sustainable development of enterprises” as ANPEC’s prospect, we cultivate colleagues' corporate identity and social care awareness, reach the shared value of mutual benefit between the enterprise and the society, also create positive social impact, execute the concept of sustainable development of enterprises.



    Please continue to support our efforts towards sustainable operation.



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