Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Management Plan

ANPEC plans an intellectual property strategy that combines our operating goals and R&D resources and establishes a set of operating models that create company value through intellectual property rights, which not only protects the freedom of operation, but strengthens competitive advantages and profitability.

  • Patent Protection

ANPEC conducts technological development by the R&D unit and commission an external patent firm to conduct patent applications. Through the implementation of the evaluation mechanism, reward system, promotion and education, and HR training, ANPEC R&D results are protected. We promote the innovation mechanism to motivate employees to submit invention applications and include them in the annual performance indicators. At the same time, ANPEC has established a patent management system.

  • Trade Secret Protection

Trade secrets are related to the ANPEC’s leading technology in the industry and customer trust. To effectively and comprehensively manage and protect trade secrets, the company plans to establish a trade secret management system to record and integrate the use of business secrets with competitive advantages.

  • ANPEC’s Employment Contract Clearly Stipulates the Following
  1. Obligation to Inform

Employees should truthfully inform their inventions, patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights completed before signing this contract, as well as their legal or contractual obligations not to use, disclose or deliver the above intellectual property rights to others.

  1. Confidentiality

Confidentiality covers information that employee created, developed, collected, obtained, contacted, or learned about the company (including its affiliated companies) including but not limited to marked or not marked as confidential, and all business, management, financial, technical, production and other internal company-related information that is restricted or has not been legally disclosed in the period of employment.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

Inventions, creations, writings, trade secrets, and all other work results completed by employees during their employment, regardless of whether they have obtained patent rights, trademark patent rights, copyrights, or other intellectual property rights, have clear regulations on their attribution.

  1. Non-Compete

During the period of employment, without the Company's prior written consent, employees are not allowed to operate a business that is the same or similar to the company's business, or act as the business’s employee or consultant in their own or other people's name. Within six months after resignation, without the consent of the Company, the employee shall not engage in the same or similar work for himself or a third party to the product or technology that he participated in the research and development of the Company, and shall not be allowed to provide technical communication such as consulting of the aforementioned competitive products to any business entity in the competitive market that the Company is currently engaged in or plans to engage in.

Implementation Status

ANPEC reports matters related to intellectual property to the Board of Directors at least once a year, and the latest report date is November 10, 2023.

  • ANPEC Promotes Intellectual Property Management Plan and the Implementation Status in Recent Years are as Follows
  1. A patent intellectual property plan linked to business goals is formulated each year.
  2. In 2006, management mechanisms for patent application were formulated, and were continuously refined and updated according to experience. The latest version was updated in 2017.
  3. In 2012, the patent management system was established.
  4. In 2021, paperless patent management system was established.
  5. In 2023, encryption protection measures were implemented for R&D specifications and testing specifications.
  • Current List of Intellectual Property and Achievements
  1. Patents : As of October 2023, there are almost 982 patent applications worldwide and the total number of patents obtained has exceeded 780.
  2. Trade secrets : The number of trade secrets has exceeded 910.
  3. R&D results : Almost 1,110 products have been developed.


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