Letter from the Chairman


Quality is the ANPEC lifeline, and integrity is the cornerstone of our value. The world has been changing since our establishment, and we are excited to continue innovating and build a foundation for sustainable development. ANPEC would like to thank all employees and stakeholders for their efforts, support, and affirmation. We will continue to take on the challenges and expectation from our customers, provide competitive solutions and services, and continue to maximize our value for customers. ANPEC also strengthen it’s corporate governance and environmental policies to ensure excellence in sustainability.

Operation Development and Business Philosophy

ANPEC is engaged in the design, testing, production and marketing of Power ICs. Since 2000, ANPEC has established digital/hybrid IC design capabilities and related product lines, and has become a power-based mix-signal IC supplier, providing customers with complete solutions. ANPEC’s business philosophy is integrity, innovation, dedication, execution, and customer orientation. We hit a record high in the 2021 revenue and became part of the international supply chain of leading manufacturers. It is achieved through the efforts of all our employees.

Grow with ANPEC with a Beginner’s Mind

Competitive innovation reflects the ability of the enterprise. ANPEC’s core value is to improve the basic quality, professional skills, and management ability of employees, create equal development opportunities, and encourage employees to develop their own strengths. There are multiple learning courses and a perfect welfare system with a utmost focus to occupational safety and health management. ANPEC emphasizes on fairness, justice, harmony, and joy within the team, makes concerted efforts to achieve the established goals, and enhances the employee’s synergy with the team.

Prioritize Environmental Protection and Care for the Community

Environmental protection has been improving every year, ANPEC has obtained ISO14001 and ISO9001 certification. Committed to developing green products to reduce the environmental impact. Customers are also required to comply with government regulations on environmentally prohibited substances. Promote the value of environmental protection, raise the environmental protection awareness and ability of employees and third-party manufacturers. We work together to reduce our energy consumption in all aspects. ANPEC also organizes charitable donations, care for the disadvantaged, blood donation and related charitable activities, hoping to give back to the community.


Please continue to support our efforts towards sustainable operation.



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