Human Rights Policy and Diversity

Human Right Policies

To fulfill corporate social responsibility and protect the human rights of all employees, customers and stakeholders, the ANPEC supports the principles of international human rights conventions such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact and the United Nations International Labor Organization. We continue to implement the following human rights policies :
  • Comply with national labor laws and regulations, internationally recognized labor standards and other applicable industry and international conventions, and continuously improve the working conditions and employee benefits.
  • Provide employees with safe and hygienic working and living conditions.
  • Provide employees with an equal and fair working environment and reasonable wages and benefits.
  • Respect the freedom and collective bargaining rights of employees.
  • Reasonably arrange the working hours, rest, and vacation time of employees.
  • Prohibit any child labor and forced labor.
  • Prohibit any form of discrimination to ensure the healthy growth of employees and meet the basic needs of employees.

Diversity and equality in the workplace

The hiring, salary, promotion and remuneration of the company's employees are determined based on their job category, educational experience, professional knowledge and profession, seniority, experience and performance, and will not differ due to factors such as age, gender, race, etc. ANPEC integrates gender balance into all HR practices. In 2022, female employees accounted for an average of 28.2% of all employees, and female supervisors accounted for an average of 20.3% of all supervisors. ANPEC believes that having more women as executives will strengthen the company's inclusive culture, promote gender balance, make better decisions and innovation, and increase employee satisfaction.


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